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Who are we?

Vikastek Research is the best Phd assistance consultancy. Vikastek Research provides best Phd assistance services to the research scholars and academicians. Researchers from various universities seeking guidance for their PhDs. Over 1000+ researchers have successfully completed because of the best PhD guidance services provided by Vikastek Research.

Vikastek research assistance Centre offers professional guidance and assistance across the whole Engineering and Technical research tenure. Vikastek research centre serves three main purposes:

In order to

  1. make the Engineering and technical research agenda more easily delivered
  2. bring together all the technical research, management and support services for scholars
  3. fill the gap between the literature knowledge and research proposal agenda.

Vikastek research centre consists of four strong teams with communication bridges that work together to accomplish these objectives. The help desk team understands the scholars’ requirements, communicates with the technical experts for the feasibility of assistance and guides the scholars about the processing patterns of the service, introduces the technical team and transfers the requirement documents to the team. The technical team validates the research requirements, scope of the research and the possibility of development of the research idea given by the research scholars, commits for the requirements and dedicatedly work for the entire research project till the successful completion. The technical team also supports the researchers and PhD scholars in all the implementation process and research paper writing services. The technical support team provides precise knowledge transfer to the research scholars, explains the concept that is being developed and implemented by the technical team as per the ideas given by the research scholars and clarifies any doubts in the interim tenure of the research. The publication support team communicates the research articles of the PhD scholars by formatting and typesetting the research articles as per the requirements and publication policies of the International journals and keep on doing follow up with the journals for any communication from them. The publication support team also takes care of the publication ethics and it notifies and rectifies the scholars if any unintentional violation of the publication ethics.

Our services

Vikastek research centre offers a broad range of Phd assisting services, research services, facilities and engineering and technical expertise. We can offer researchers a bundle of support that is integrated, of the highest calibre, simplified, and clearly responsible by organising the different stages of the research objectives to be met in a PhD degree tenure.

A researcher can get all the assistance and resources they require through one gateway once they have a proposal for high-quality research that will be beneficial. This includes assistance with the authentic and highly confidential procedure, and assistance with the setup of computing labs without any compromise in the technical quality.

Research proposal writing services

Research proposal writing services

A research proposal is the first preliminary task to be done by a researcher who aspires to excel in the academic world of research studies. Writing a research proposal is to be done with a planned note on the actual research topic, a deep knowledge on the recent research carried out in the specific topic, research gap, research objectives and a clear idea on the methodology to be developed to attain the research objectives and to fulfil the research gap. Our team of experts help the PhD aspirants to fulfil all the necessary things to do on preparing and writing a research proposal.

Literature study assistance

A comprehensive study of the literature is intended to provide a high degree of evidence-based research proposal drafting and development of methodology. Whether you require a systematic review based on research of nearly a decade, a review based on data acquisitions and technology developments, or a review based on research achievements, our experts can handle any research. A thorough systematic review is carried out by our professionals at Vikastek research using a multi-step procedure.

Literature study assistance
Survey paper writing services

Survey paper writing services

As the top company, Vikastek research supports the scholars to do review and survey papers with full deep insights on the literature and appropriate presentation in their survey and review paper. To briefly examine the novel developments in the specific research field, review papers are written. In general, preparation of the review paper should include a succinct description of the current state of the research methodologies regarding the research topic. By sharing the conclusions from the PhD research articles, it gives the reader a deeper grasp of the subject. We offer writing and publishing services to academics who need research review papers to successfully kick start their research.

PhD consultancy services

To start with, Do you enjoy conducting research with a strong passion? Confused about the future-focused, comprehensive research domain to enhance your career growth? Then you identified a topclass workforce to assist you! Yes. First off, consulting with us will make the path to your research easier. Particularly, the expertise of our research team and our networks will support the advancement of your research work for journals and publications.

The knowledgeable research team offers both the clearcut solutions and the alternative solutions in a single appointment, owing to their current knowledge of the research field. Additionally, the knowledge about cutting-edge technologies that could also be suggested to use in the research methodology for effective completion. With just one visit, your tension around your research will decrease.

PhD consultancy services
Publication writing services

Publication writing services

We at Vikastek Research have a team of technical writers with knowledge and experience in standardised writing, which is crucial to meeting the requirements of journal articles. Journal writing and publication service. In addition to having the essential qualifications and experience, they serve as examples of the calibre of our manuscript writing services by contributing to and working with reputable journals. We are the Vikastek research team, and we offer you a wide range of choices for PhD paper publication assistance, including SCI Paper publication assistance, Scopus Indexed Journals, Springer, ELSEVIER, IET, IEEE, ACM, IEEE conference proceedings, etc.

Research paper grammar check

In particular, our specialists will locate each sentence in a text and look up each term in a dictionary. Additionally, an attempt is made to parse the sentence into a format that is compatible with grammatical checking.

Research paper grammar check
Manuscript reviewing services

Manuscript reviewing services

The structure of the review report varies amongst journals, to start. In actuality, some adhere to a casual framework while others adopt an ever-more strict process. Typically, trained professionals review submitted articles to ensure the novelty, originality, quality, completeness, reliability and fair experimental practices conducted on preparing the research article. Vikastek research experts can review the articles of the scholars and shall prepare a review report to better explain the standard of the article and its potential to get acceptance from top grade journals of their field. We are undoubtedly prepared to assist you in preparing your journal manuscript. Additionally, we promise that the manuscript shall also be reviewed and correction instructed to get published in International journals

Research implementation

Implementing a research methodology is an essential practice and an inevitable stage of a research scholar to demonstrate the competency of the methodology over the literary works. However, the research scholars require more programming skills, device knowledge and the latest developments in the experimental setups. Our experts are skilled in the advanced technologies to be used for implementing a research methodology to serve the purpose of proving the performance of the methodology as aimed in the research proposal.

Research implementation

Our expertise

Vikastek research centre provides complete support to the research scholars who are doing in the following list of topics, but not limited to this, yet it can be extended to any engineering disciplines based on the requirements of the PhD scholars.

  • Image processing
  • Data mining
  • Data security
  • Signal processing
  • Biomedical image and signal processing
  • Bioinformatics
  • BIometrics
  • Deep learning techniques
  • Cryptography and forensics
  • Cloud computing
  • Machine learning
  • Data science
  • Remote sensing
  • Wireless communication systems
  • Networking and network security
  • Power systems
  • Smart grid and renewable energy resources
  • Mechanical structures
  • Structural modelling and engineering
  • Antenna designs and fabrication
The management research topics include, but not limited to
  • Human resource management
  • Market research
  • Operations research
  • Industrial management
  • Education management